Wednesday, 7 December 2016

OMG this amazing book almost broke me emotionally, after reading Fighting To Be Free and being left with such a massive cliffhanger at the end of such an heart wrenching story I didnt think that Kirsty Moseley would be able to break my heart again but this time she didnt just break it she shattered it into little tiny pieces. Her style of writing is so flawless and gripping that I found myself getting my stomach all tied up in knots, and I could actually feel a pang of pain in my chest as the plotline is unfolded to reveal so much sadness and sorrow for Jamie and Ellie.
They go through so much tragedy and unhappiness with Jamie always being the hidden protector of the girl he has always loved and Ellie always longing for the man that she can't ever let go of in her heart.
The story was action packed with lots of scenes where we see Jamie taking charge of his crew doing boosts and street racing with his beloved car and an insight into the dodgier side of his business dealings which brought lots of excitement to the story and made it have an edgier side that kept it interesting to read. I also loved the scenes of Ellie with her family especially her Grandmother pulling together to get through everything that life throws at them.
Jamie and Ellie's love story is a special one that will stay with me for a long time to come. Fighting To Be Free will be featured in my Top 5 favorite books for 2016 on my blog, this is definitely one of my favorite book series to have ever read.
Kirsty Moseley if you're reading this your bloody brilliant and deserve even more than the 5 Stars that I can give you for this brilliant story.

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