Monday, 24 April 2017


I read one story from this anthology due to not having time to read more and I read Dragonslayer, Dragon Heart by Isobelle Cate. Ive read many books by this author in the past and Isobelle never disappoints, she has a wonderful way of telling a story, of making it believable and keeping the reader interested in what is going on between the characters.
The story is about a warrior who has being trying to slay his dragon for a couple of hundred years to claim his soul and while searching for her he falls in love with a woman not realising why he is drawn to her and why her scent is so alluring to him.
The story was really easy to read and was a lovely little piece of romantic fantasy fiction. It's left with what could be classed as a cliffhanger so i'm hoping that this story will be continued as either a set of novellas or extended into one full sized novel as im interested to know what happens next.
If you're a lover of dragons and shifters stories you will love this awesome box set that is jammed packed with so many great stories.
A brilliant 5 Stars!

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