Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Release Blitz:
She Loves Me. He Loves Me Not.
Allana Walker
July 25th

Lillia Kennedy and Tristan Hunt can't deny the pull between them.

Lillia wants the fairytale ending, her prince charming to whisk her off of her feet. She wants that with Tristan.

She Loves Him.

Tristan can't help the feeling undeserving of the love he knows Lillia has for him. He does everything in his power to push her away, but he keeps going back to her.

He Loves Her Not.

Allana lives in Dundee, Scotland with her husband and two daughters.

She has always had a passion for reading and until a few years ago, started secretly writing. She had always debated sharing it but never had the confidence to do so, until now. In her words; 'Life is too short to regret things we could have done and wishing the should've, would've, could've's.' 

She wants to show not only her dithers but to everyone else, that you can do whatever you want when you put your mind to it.

She loves reading a range of genres, particularly MC, Mafia and romance. 

Other than reading and writing, Allana loves to help out other authors, watching WWE, dancing around the room with her daughters, or at the cinema with her husband. She also loves to bake, it's her stress reliever.


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