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Author: R.J. Prescott
Release Date: February 19, 2018


London is a city in flames. Tensions are high and a critical situation is about to go from bad to worse. The Prime Minister wants to send a message, and the SAS will be the ones to deliver it.
Emotional detachment is my specialty. I’m ruthless and cut throat, but there is nobody better.
Sarah Tatem is an innocent. Caught up in a world in which she doesn’t belong, and trying desperately to do the right thing. My job is to keep her safe long enough to get what’s needed, and bring an end to this siege of terror.
But something has changed. I’ve learned that the only thing stronger than loyalty is love, and now she’s gone. 
My name is Lieutenant Tom Harper, and I’m about to unleash hell.
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USA Today bestselling author R.J. Prescott was born in Cardiff, South Wales, and studied law at the University of Bristol, England. Four weeks before graduation she fell in love, and stayed. Ten years later, she convinced her crazy, wonderful firefighter husband to move back to Cardiff where they now live with their two equally crazy sons. Her debut novel The Hurricane was an international bestseller and finalist in the Goodreads Awards in the category of debut author. 
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I was practically kneeling in front of the screen as I tried to understand what I was seeing. Men were shouting at one another, though their words were indecipherable.
The person filming darted out from behind a shipping container to take more shots. Everything was happening so fast, the camera moving wildly with the person it was attached to. Finally, I realised it was a body cam by the way it was flailing and jerking all over the place. I had no idea what shipyard they were in, but it made sense that the assault would be there rather than a boat. They would have wanted to take the terrorists after the handover happened, just to be sure.
A soldier came into shot across the way, crouched behind another container, and I guessed he was one of ours. Covered from head to toe, it was impossible to know who it was, but I held my breath anyway. The camera at least became steady as the gunfire slowly ebbed, though focused now on the last of the targets. In the periphery of the screen, the kneeling soldier leant further forward to take a shot when he was yanked sharply backwards in a move that literally saved his life. As the last shot rang out, sounding a death knell to the terrorists who’d been responsible for taking so many innocent civilian lives, the rest of the team seemed to realise what I already knew. The rescuer, the guardian angel who’d ripped his teammate away from the path of certain death, had exposed himself to make the ultimate sacrifice, saving his friend’s life at the expense of his own. Soldiers darted in front of the camera again, and a few more indistinguishable voices called out before the silence. The excruciating, insufferable, tormenting silence, broken only by the clear voice that cut through the darkness like a scythe, ripping a hole through my heart as it did.
            “Man down.”

R.J. Prescott has an amazing talent for writing hard hitting stories that start at a slow pace that suddenly pick up speed once you've been introduced to her characters and their background, she then builds a story with a plotline that is as gritty as it is gripping. The writing in this book was just so flawless that I found myself become so easily immersed into what was going down in this story and I was just unable to do anything else or get back to reality until i'd finished it.

The story is based around Sarah Tatem young heiress of an international shipping company and Lieutenant Tom Harper leader of Alpha Team A SAS. They are introduced to each other after Sarah discovers shocking activities that her company is involved in and together they try to stop and protect a major disaster from happening by terrorists. They have an amazing chemistry right from the start that smoulders throughout the book until they can't help but act on it. They both have felt darkness and loneliness in their lives until they confide in each other and start to heal the hurt and pain they have both suffered.

There are so many edge of your seat moments in this book that it had my pulse racing on numerous occasions and I didn't think that my heart could take the suspense for the last few chapters of the book as it was white knuckle intense until the very end.

I found so many amazing heartfelt quotes in this book that really show the very essence of the relationship between Sarah and Tom that I just couldn't not share a few of my favorites.

"Life's like any other story. It's inevitable that what you remember most is the last chapter you read. But one chapter doesn't define the whole book" " Is that your way of saying time heals all wounds?" " No. I'm saying that time let's you find a way to live with them."

"I kissed her, and then I did the hardest thing i've ever had to do. I let her go, so that I could set her free. So that I could save her."

"I'd become the monster in the dark that men didn't know to fear. Death would be a welcome relief by the time I was done. I'd spent my life roaming through the various circles of Hell, content to live that way because I didn't know any better. But i'd been shown Heaven in the arms of someone good and pure. To have that light stolen away, to live once again in Hell, robbed of my ignorance and forever lost, would drive any man to insanity. Or in my case, to war."

This was an amazing story with so many great characters that I hope we get to meet more of them in future books of this series. They are a great band of brothers with banter and camaraderie that left me laughing out loud and not to forget about Nan who almost stole the show!

A brilliant 5 Stars!

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