Thursday, 29 March 2018

Our Unscripted Story by L. A. Fiore is now LIVE on all platforms!
This is a standalone contemporary romance.
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Greyson Ratcliffe. I met him at sixteen, the hot new guy sitting on my jetty, an aspiring artist just passing through. He was my first kiss and my first love. I wanted forever with him. I didn’t even get a year.
Five years later, I’m a budding writer who scripts stories of love and struggle, the good and the bad and the ups and the downs. He’s a star on the rise; his wicked talent and crazy good looks have his face plastered on countless magazines. We move in two different worlds and still our paths cross again. We’re older and wiser and as crazy about each other as we had been as teenagers.
My medium is words and my imagination is limitless, but not even I could have written the incredible journey we traveled to reach our happily-ever-after. Life isn’t like fiction, and the greatest love stories don’t follow a script. 
 5 STAR REVIEW by Clare xx
Wow what a beautifully written, heartbreaking and emotional story this is!!!
Just be aware that this book will suck you in and almost break you by the end of it, but it's such a beautiful sweet pain that the trip and emotional high is so very worth it.
LA Fiore has created a story that is about love, loss and friendship, it touches on some very adverse situations that can and do happen in real life. Her characters are put through so much pain and misery that I was a sobbing mess for a lot of this book but Alexis and Greyson are both such strong and wonderful characters that they can and do survive everything that gets thrown at them.
The writing flowed so well that I just couldn't put this book down, I became enraptured, captivated, I was totally and utterly addicted. I felt every hurt, pain and emotion. This has got to be in my top five ugly cry books ever.
I cannot express how much I loved this book but I also hated it with equal measure. Be sure to read this book with plenty of tissues, chocolate biscuits and lots of cups of hot tea as it will leave you so raw that you will need them to seek comfort in.
One of the best books that I have read so far this year and I highly recommend you put this on your TBR list. It's an amazing read.

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