Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Tierney Haven and Burr O’Leary come from completely different worlds…
…but there’s a reason they say “opposites attract.”

Bookish Tierney Haven has always preferred places to people, and she especially loves the peace and quiet of Moonstone Manor, an estate museum located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, where she is head docent, chief historian and live-in caretaker. The very last thing she expects to find on the doorstep at midnight is bruised and bloodied stranger, Burr O’Leary, in desperate need of her help.
Against her better judgement and at the risk of her brothers’ wrath, Tierney offers Burr sanctuary at Moonstone Manor, and nurses him back to health, surprised to discover that the dashing, enigmatic stranger loves the history and peace of Moonstone as much as she. But Burr has a dark history, and those who hurt him will stop at nothing to eliminate him...placing Tierney in grave danger until he is well enough to find them first.

Clare's 5 Star Review

I totally fell in love with this brand new series of "The Summer Haven Trio" by Katy Regnery when I read the first book about Rory Haven in Fighting Irish. Smiling Irish is book #2 in this series and even though they are standalone books I feel that it is very beneficial to you to read them in order to get a greater understanding of the background of the three siblings of Rory, Tierney and Ian and their life growing up and still living at Summerhaven.
This book features Tierney Haven who is the only girl of the set of triplets and she is fiercely protected by both her brothers. Even though she is a strong and independent woman she has a mind to stand up for herself when she needs to but she does mainly try to shy away from the world as much as she can. Suddenly when Burr O'Leary bursts into her quiet existence he soon makes her long for something more in her lonely life.
Tierney and Burr's story was a very enjoyable read. It is very well written and was a fast paced story with some elements of mystery and a little danger to keep you wanting to keep reading to the end. There is never a dull moment within this book as I just couldn't put it down. I really can't wait to read the third book in this series as im loving these books so much.
A brilliant 5 Stars!

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