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The Fragile OrdinaryThe Fragile Ordinary by Samantha Young
My rating: 5 of 5 stars Review by Clare.

The Fragile Ordinary bought back so many memories of my teenage years, of the hopes and dreams we all have at that age and the struggles that we all face where we live in a world of peer pressure to be cool, behave like something were not or to dress in a certain way. Comet Cauldwells faces all of these things but she also lives a life of loneliness and without love as her parents are so wrapped up in each other that they constantly forget about their only child and her needs. Comet is a shy girl that hides away from any drama at school hoping not to be seen and would rather be home reading a book than be out at parties with her two close friends, that is until Tobias King is thrown in her path and her world becomes chaos.
This is an emotional story that has some socially driven aspects, like that Comet is from a well off family and lives in a good area whereas Tobias King and his cousin Stevie are from a rough estate. It's almost an opposites attract love story, that she is a good girl and he is a bad boy. Having said that it's really an eye opener to the fact that you don't always have a perfect life just because of where you live and that you can be just as intelligent and smart regardless of your background.
This story is one that has a slow build at first while setting the scene but by the end of it you will be wondering OMG what the hell just happened?? Samantha Young is so good at writing stories such as this that open your eyes to how hard it is going through your teenage years, having to trust in people to do the right thing by you. There is lots pressure to be popular and to lose your virginity, while giving your heart away to someone, falling in love with them and hoping that they won't break it.
If you like books full of teenage angst and drama you will love this, as it's a hard hitting read that will totally blow your mind and leave you a hot mess by the end. Another fantastic book by this author.
5 Amazing Stars!

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