Sunday, 1 July 2018

RELEASE DAY!!! Happy book birthday to me - thanks to everyone who preordered THE MISTRESS OF PENNINGTON’S! Hope you have a fab day reading in the sun... 😊📖😊📖



Already being a lover of Rachel Brimble's stories, especially her historicals, I was so excited to get started on this the first book in her new series set in Edwardian England. The Mistress of Pennington's is set in 1910 at a time when women were still thought of as being incapable of having grand ideas of advancing themselves and of being equal to men, but this was also a time where small change was starting to happen and women were actually starting to fight for their rights, to get their voices heard and to be given the right to vote. This story features some of the struggles that women faced through the eyes of Elizabeth Pennington who tries to get her father Edward Pennington to give her more responsibility at their family store. Edward Pennington is a man very much prejudiced against women having any kind of position of authority, thinking that only a man has the intelligence to run his store and that Elizabeth should marry a man of his choosing for position and money. Elizabeth has other ideas about her life as she is a woman with her own mind, she is a strong and stubborn character that refuses to do her fathers bidding and fights him every step of the way. Joseph Carter is a forward thinking man that realises the changes that are happening and that there is a need to move with the times of the new modern era. He and Elizabeth bring forth those changes while trying not to fall in love. Their romance is very sweet and endearing it not only adds some very light hearted banter between the characters it helps to enhances the story. It pulls both of them emotionally in very different directions, and it leaves them both feeling guilty of where their romance will lead them and what consequences they will both face because of it.
This truly is my favorite of Rachel's books as she has totally outdone herself with her attention to detail and accuracy of the time period of which the book is set. The story was a pleasure to read as the writing was so very good and easy to get lost in. The characters were interesting and very well developed as was the plot of this book. It's a captivating read that touched my heart deeply and is currently one of my top 5 favorite books to have read so far this year.
A brilliant 5 Stars!

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