Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Things We Never Said (Hart's Boardwalk, #3)Things We Never Said by Samantha Young
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As a fan of the Hart's Boardwalk series i've been dying to read all about Dahlia, she is such a great character and after we were left wondering about her past from the previous two books I couldn't wait to start reading it. Well let me tell you now I was never expecting this book to be such an heartbreaking read!
Having left behind in New York, family, friends and the only man that she truly loved, Dahlia is living a life full of guilt and atonement for something that was never her fault. When she suddenly has to take a trip back to New York after many years have past, she comes face to face with Michael Sullivan and all the hurt comes flooding back.
This is a deeply emotional story, where it seems everything is against the characters no matter what they do. Without giving away spoilers it's really hard to say what happened to them to pull them apart but it feels like the universe got in their way at every turn. It's also a case of not communicating with each other too that started a chain of events which is infuriating but makes for a great plot.
This story is definitely my favorite book of the series so far as it's been written with so much depth and heart, it's truly a compelling read. Samantha Young knows how to write a story that packs a heavy punch right to your gut and Dahlia's character is definitely sent to hell and back for her sins. My heart wept for Dahlia for most of the story, but as Sam is known for writing female characters that are strong and feisty, Dahlia is the role model for all women that stand up on their own two feet.
After reading Dahlia and Michael's story I felt like i'd been run over with a bulldozer, it's a heavy kind of read but it's worth ploughing through the mire to get to get to the happy on the other side. A fantastic story that will leave you with a massive book hangover!

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