Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Pieces of Us: A Small Town No Strings Love Story (Angel Sands Book 6)Pieces of Us: A Small Town No Strings Love Story by Carrie Elks
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Can someone please show me the way to Angel Sands???
With a seaside town setting that sounds so idyllic, with it's beautiful pier and beaches to the eligible hot men just waiting there to find love, i'm so ready to pack up my stuff and move there!
Even though this is now book 6 of this series I approach each story as though it's the first because each one has given me the same exciting feeling of when you first start reading a brand new series, it always feels fresh and different and not just a continuation of a long running story, yes we still get to catch up with the other previous characters but it's easy to read each book as though it's a standalone with no connection to anything else.
Griff and Autumn's story is a heartfelt romance about two people that have been hurt so much in the past that it's made them afraid to love, but neither can they both deign or help feeling the physical chemistry that they have for each other. It's an emotional time for them both on so many levels, giving others opportunity to try and meddle in their relationship.
Carrie Elks has written another wonderful romance that can only be a credit to this already well established series and I just can't help wanting to be swept away there to live amongst it's characters in the warm California sun.

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