Saturday, 7 January 2017


This is the second book in this series and it takes Callie on a very different dark and dangerous path from where she first became a Mer and fell in love with Orion. We see her grow up and become strong and independent, while following her own desires. I really didn't like her character in parts of this story but I do understand the need for her to do the things she did and her interaction with Vex was all a part of the circumstances that she found herself to be in from previous events. Orion annoyed me a lot and I felt he needed to stop being a whiny little girl and stand up and be the ruler he is meant to be and fight for what he believes in after all he managed without Callie for centuries before.
Even though I have said there were things about the characters that I didn't like I still enjoyed the direction of the story as it kept me gripped as to what would happen next and this is why I think that it still deserves the 5 stars that I am giving it as the writing was good and I did not once ever think I cant carry on with this story just because I didn't like what a character chose to do.
This is a great continuation of this series.

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