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A growing up story with a difference, and a startling debut, The Girl Who Cried Wolf shows the tumultuous transition from teenager to young woman and is a story about believing in something, whether love, faith or simply yourself. 

Anna Winters is beautiful, reckless and entirely self-absorbed. She spends more time thinking up reasons to call in sick to school than she does studying for her A levels. She shies away from her family, from responsibility – from anything in fact that doesn’t involve peach cider and endless parties with her friend Jules.

Anna assumes that her headaches are an inconvenient symptom of her wild lifestyle, until a doctor tells her that she has cancer…

As a terrifying black cloud descends upon her, Anna finds solace in Michael, another patient in the oncology ward. Michael shows Anna a chink of light in the darkness and sees beauty behind her illness and loves her sassy wit. He makes Anna forget she is ill.

Michael recovers; but Anna’s prospects worsen. And in emergency surgery, as she hovers between life and death, she is given a stark glimpse of why her life is so broken, and as she realises the simple fulfillment of being truly content, fears it may now be too late…


This story from debut author Bella James was for me an exceptionally good read, from the quality of writing within this book to the description and emotional content of each and every situation that the characters face and go through. Anna Winters the main character is a young girl that avoids going to school all the time by faking illness so that she can go drinking and partying with her friends until one day she is sent to a doctor that discovers that she has cancer. Now Anna is a character that you will either love or hate i'm still trying to make up my mind about her as she is a selfish self absorbed teenage girl that only thinks that the world revolves around her and is oblivious to the needs and feelings of everyone else. She is vile and always angry to her mother Lillian and dotes on her estranged father when he returns home as he is always normally away on business. She meets Michael another cancer patient while going through treatment in hospital and they form a bond.
Michael I wish that we got to see a little more about him and his illness and his recovery as little is mentioned about it apart from the obvious. He is a calming gentle boy that sees past Anna's angry persona and they fall in love. But Anna even as they become romantically involved still has the attitude that everything is all about her and when a miracle happens she is still as angry and nasty as ever. I really found it hard to feel sorry for her as she is always so ungrateful about everything even the fact that she is alive after going through all that she does still doesn't stop her being a diva through and through.
As with all good stories there are always skeletons lurking in the closet or hidden secrets that will change all the things that you thought you knew about the characters, so when Anna has a bit of an out of body experience you get a glimpse of things that will explain why Anna and her family are as dysfunctional as they are.
Once I started reading this story I just couldnt put this book down till Id finished it and got to the exceptionally wonderful ending. It left me wanting more but happy at the same time. This book deserves every one of it's 5 stars!

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