Tuesday, 8 May 2018

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The Ruthless Gentleman by Louise Bay is LIVE!

This isn’t a holiday romance. No one’s on holiday and Hayden Wolf isn’t romantic.

Clare's 5 Star Review
The Ruthless Gentleman by Louise Bay is another winner!!!
This book was such a refreshing change to most current CEO Millionaire, Billionaire businessman books out there at the moment. Set mainly on a superyacht cruising the med gave it a niche all of its own.
Hayden Wolf is a businessman who hires a charter to get absolute privacy while going through a major business deal, upon meeting Avery Walker chief stewardess aboard the yacht he finds himself being drawn to her even though he is at first determined to stay focused on the job at hand.
Avery Walker is a loyal and trustworthy member of the crew, she is dedicated to her job and is professional at all times until she finds that she can't resist the charms of Hayden Wolf.
I don't know how she does it but I just love how Louise Bay writes about all her male characters. At first glance they seem all arrogant, aloof and untouchable but underneath the surface they are just little boys who need someone to love them. Hayden Wolf was no different, he's a handsome, wealthy man on a mission out to save his company. He's not only ruthless and intensely private but also a gentleman who cares deeply about those close to him. Avery Walker is working on chartered superyachts but not as her chosen career, it's all to support her family. She feels that she has a sense of duty toward them and it's all because of an unfortunate tragedy that happened, that left her feeling full of guilt. She is normally such a strong and determined character until she finds herself in a situation fighting against her better judgment which she knows could lead to her dismissal. I really felt for Avery having lived with such a burden for so long and always trying to do the right thing and not really living life for herself.
The pull between Hayden and Avery was so intense and the setting of being on a superyacht cruising the med was a romance made in heaven. As I became consumed by their story I could just imagine the warmth of the sun on me while sipping cocktails, it was a wonderful feeling. This is going to be a big summertime read and a firm favourite of all Louise Bay fans!
This book contained everything I love about reading romance. It ticked all the boxes and more.
The Hero 5/5 (He is swoon worthy!)
The Heroine 5/5 (Adorable)
The SEX 6/5 (Off the charts HOT!)
The Setting 5/5 (Breathtaking)
The Drama 5/5 (Heartstopping)
The Romance 5/5 (Every girls dream)
I truly loved this book and is now a contender for one of my top 5 reads this year!

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