Thursday, 13 September 2018

Happy Release Day + 5 Star Review.
Treoir Dragon Hoard: Belador Book 10 by Dianna Love

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New York Times Bestseller Dianna Love's Beladors are back with Evalle, Storm, the dragon king and allies, all ready to face a conflict no one saw coming.

Two thousand years ago, someone stole the king's treasure from Daegan's father. An unexpected enemy uses this hoard to set Daegan on a path to his ultimate demise by dangling the one bait everyone knows the dragon king can't ignore--protecting one of his own.

While racing to help a friend, Evalle lands in a trap where she's given the unimaginable choice to either destroy her dragon king or condemn everyone she loves to die. Even her Skinwalker mate, Storm, has no way to track her this time.

Friendships and allies are tested as Atlanta erupts with preternatural exposure. Who will join Storm and Daegan to go where even a dragon has no chance of survival? With the enemy willing to gamble everything to take down Daegan, Evalle accepts her destiny, but on her terms. She never wants anyone to see what she's become, especially Storm.

Destiny is not a choice, but a summons. The hourglass favors no one.

Treoir Dragon Hoard is another superb addition to the Belador series!
Since we were introduced to Daegan the Dragon King I have loved his character and I always want to know so much more about him, each new story we get a little bit more revealed about him and i'm just dying to know who his mother is. He is a great leader and protector of the Belodors that will fight anyone or anything that threatens anyone that is friend or family. In this book Evalle gets kidnapped as bait to lure Daegan to try to claim back his hoard, he as the leader of the Beladors goes all out on a limb to try and find and save her even though it could mean his own death. She's been taken to a realm where she can't be traced and we see Storm having to fight with his inner demon self not to lose his grip of who he is in his anguish to find his mate.

Evalle faces even worse challenges of trying to survive and stay alive while kidnapped, she is given an ultimatum and has to choose between helping to destroy her Dragon King or she will condemn everyone she loves. Evalle is a fighter and doesn't take well to being threatened and tries to fight back at every turn.

We see the friends and allies of Evalle and Storm all pull together in this book as they get sent on a wild goose chase to find her. They face many obstacles along the way and dead ends that leave them all baffled but they don't ever give up hope of finding her. Bonds and friendships that were broken before find a way of mending and healing themselves between key players in the story that made me love these character even more, the way that they will do just about anything they can without question for each other is just so amazing.

Sometimes when you've been reading a book series for a long time things can become a little "samie" but not with this authors writing, her stories are always action packed and full of fresh ideas that wow me every time I read one of her books, she is a wicked mistress of suspense and mystery and her storytelling is just captivating.

An action packed 5 Star read!

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