Tuesday, 13 November 2018

The Last Duke by Jess Michaels is here!
Check out Clare's 5 star review below
The 10th and Final book in The 1797 Club Series
When Christopher “Kit” Collins’ father dies, he is devastated, but he must swiftly take on the title of Duke of Kingsacre and all the responsibility that comes with it. Including the care of his very young illegitimate half-sister, who is now his ward. He is very upset when he discovers the governess his father hired for the child just before his death is Sarah Carlton.
Sarah is equally disturbed by the arrival of her new employer, as she and Kit once had an unpleasant encounter when she was at her lowest point. But since she has no other place to go, she can only hope he will not sack her. Thanks to the adoration of his sister, he does not and the two enter into a wary truce because they both care for the child.
A truce that explodes one passionate night after a nearly tragic accident. Comfort leads to more and soon the two are engaged in an affair. But when danger comes to threaten the child they both love, they must overcome their deeply rooted mistrust and work together to keep her safe. And perhaps find a way to make a family together.
Length: Full length book
Heat Level: Swoon-worthy
This book is part of a series (The 1797 Club), but can be read as a standalone book.

Clare's 5 Star Review
I'm so very sad that we have come to the end of this wonderful series, but what a great way to finish it with my favourite romance trope to read, enemies to lovers. Sarah and Kit got off to a bad start three years before when Sarah was desperate to make a good match with a man and to find a husband. She made a spectacle of herself by being very mean and rude to Meg after drinking a little too much punch at a party. Kit overheard her and came to dislike her very much for something so trivial. After her mother eventually dies and leaves her with no money or position she becomes governess to Kit's young sister Phoebe. She is employed by Kit's father who is slowly dying, so when he eventually dies Sarah becomes afraid that Kit will dismiss her and leave her with nowhere to go.
I kind of disliked Sarah at the start of this book as she seemed brattish, but as I read along my heart started to break for her and it became very clear that she was so very misunderstood and misjudged harshley by Kit. Kit does believe that Sarah wronged his friends wife and takes his contempt of her too far. He comes to realise what a fool he has been, and before he knows it he understands that he has made Sarah's life so very much harder by being a little harsh with her.
As this is the last book there is a lot of action and drama to make this series finish with an ending that will make your heart melt. It's so deliciously dark and dangerous but so very hot and steamy, and with plenty of excitement going on, it will make your pulse race. The writing was superb and it was such and easy story to read and get lost in.
I have really enjoyed this series and this book is now one of my favorites by Jess Michaels.

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