Tuesday, 13 November 2018

“This trilogy is EPIC! If you loved TM Frazier's King series, you MUST read the Perversion trilogy!"
- Meghan March, New York Times Bestselling Author
POSSESSION, part two of the dark and gritty Perversion Trilogy from USA Today bestselling author T.M. Frazier is LIVE!
The story of Grim and Emma Jean continues.
War is on the horizon.
We've come so far.
We'll have to fight for what we have.
Or die trying.
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About the Author
T.M. (Tracey Marie) Frazier never dreamed that a single person would ever read a word she wrote when she published her first book. Now, she is a five-time USA Today bestselling author and her books have been translated into numerous languages and published all around the world.
T.M. enjoys writing what she calls sexy‘wrongside of the tracks romance’ with morally corrupt anti-heroes and ballsy heroines.
Her books have been described as raw, dark and gritty. Basically, what that means, is while some authors are great at describing a flower as it blooms, T.M. is better at describing it in the final stages of decay.
She loves meeting her readers, but if you see her at an event please don’t pinch her because she's not ready to wake up from this amazing dream.
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After the massive cliffhanger at the end of Perversion, the first book in this series, I just didn't think that TM Frazier could top it, But! OMG this book is even more explosive and just as action packed if not more so... it's just so freaking good.
Grim and Emma Jean are pushed and pulled apart time and time again in this book which only makes them stronger and more determined to survive all that gets thrown at them. There's so much more darkness and violence in this part of their story but it's absolutely captivating reading. I love how well written this book is as it captures the very essence of the seedy underworld of drugs, gang rivalry and all out war between Grim, Marco and the law enforcers of Lacking to perfection. I also loved how gritty and detailed the storyline is from the deeply emotional scenes between EJ and Grim to the intensity of the scenes at the end of the book that I can't talk about due to spoilers.
All I will say is that im now desperate to get my hands on the next book as I have so many questions I need answering and i'm on edge waiting to see where the story will end. This is an utterly brilliant series that you won't be able to put down once you start reading it.
5 Amazing Stars!

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