Tuesday, 12 March 2019

All Stars Fall (Seaside Pictures, #3.5; Big Sky, #4.5)All Stars Fall by Rachel Van Dyken
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

All Stars Fall is such a brilliant story!
Trevor Wood, drummer of Adrenaline and single dad to three kids.
Penelope, single girl wanting to make a fresh start in a new town working in a small coffee shop.
The most perfect match ever!
I love Rachel Van Dyken's writing and her storytelling is just so captivating. The way Trevor and Penelope first meet by her being kind to his kids at the coffee shop where she works just about melted my heart. Bella is such a cutie so is it any wonder that Penny agrees to look after them and ends up falling in love with them all. This story is so every girls dream of landing a hot rockstar, but it also shows the unseen side of things, that even though they have lots of money and fame, they are also just the same as everyone else and have the same problems to go through and live with.
I totally loved this story, it may have been a tad predictable, and you just know how things are going to play out but I couldn't help it and I fell in love with it's characters all the same. A great fantasy romance that gave me a few hours of easy reading, I only wish that this could have been a full sized novel as I loved it so much.

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