Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Soaring with Fallon (Big Sky, #4)Soaring with Fallon by Kristen Proby
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is my first book to have read by Kristen Proby and as soon as I picked it up to read I was totally enchanted by her storytelling. Every word and every sentence became such a pleasure to read and utterly devour. The characters of Fallon and Noah became so realistic to me as their story came to life on the page, and I felt every fight and battle with emotions that they both faced to reach their HEA. Their romance is a slow burn that soon becomes an all consuming passion.
While reading this book it left me begging to know where their story would take them, I quickly became so captivated by their story. I just couldn't put down this book to get on with my household chores, as the writing and storytelling is just to good.
As a couple Noah and Fallon have great chemistry and even with a troubled past they get to find what it's really like to have a family that love and support you no matter what, and get to see what the true meaning of home is. Their story is very quirky and fun but it also covers some very deep and emotional trauma that only adds to the background of the story. This book has everything a romance lover could ever want and definitely didn't disappoint me in any way.

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