Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Graham: The Broken Duke: An Illustrated RomanceGraham: The Broken Duke: An Illustrated Romance by Jess Michaels
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I absolutely loved The Broken Duke!
This story was such a thrill to read, it had love, sex, romance, secrets and danger all thrown into the melting pot. Graham and Adelaide's story is definitely one of my favourites of this series and with the photos scattered throughout the chapters, it definitely enhanced my reading pleasure as they helped me visualise the characters better, from their mood and emotions to setting the scene of the situation they found themselves in. I only wished that there were even more photos as they were so very good. I would love Jess Michaels to do this with the rest of the series as they really do make a difference to how you read the story. Great cover, wonderful story and photos that only make this more of a pleasure to read.

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