Tuesday, 30 April 2019

International PlayerInternational Player by Louise Bay
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

As a lover of all things written by this author, I was very surprised at how disappointed I was with this book. I felt no real depth to the characters of Truly and Noah at all and I never connected to them in any way. With the book being called International Player I really felt that it's title is misleading for the story, as to me it suggests he is a big shot businessman that is more billionaire than just have a few millions in his pocket, that he has a string of beautiful women on his arm and that he is in the spotlight at all times, where as I found his character to be nothing like that at all. Yes maybe he is handsome and has just sold his business but nothing on the high end level I was expecting after reading so many of this author's other stories. This was more of an average friends to lovers story than a hotshot rich man meets the love of his life that he can't live without. The story just fell a little flat on the excitement side of things with not a lot of romance to be honest. It's killing me to be this brutal about this book because I know Louise Bay can write so much better stories than this. I wanted to see some glitz and glamour and some sweep you of your feet romance and sizzling sex, which there was some of but not in the way that I wanted there to be. This was an ok story but not one I would ever bother to read again.

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