Monday, 30 September 2019

Mr. MayfairMr. Mayfair by Louise Bay
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ladies your going to just love Mr. Mayfair!
Stella London gets the shock of her life when she receives a wedding invitation from her recent ex boyfriend Matthew and her best friend Karen. Determined she is not going to attend the wedding until she meets Mr. Mayfair in the form of Beck Wilde, he offers her an opportunity that she finds so very hard to refuse as it's just what she needs to get her life back on track. Beck quickly sweeps her off her feet as they become caught up in their fake romance, but while putting on a show for others they both start falling for each other and it becomes hard from them to decipher if things are real or fake between them.
As far as fake marriage stories or a marriage of convenience goes, Louise Bay has written a brilliant take on this trope, she has created a story that is not only interesting and engaging but you really get to feel all the hurt and emotions that Stella goes through. The poor girl goes through so much emotional heart break while putting on a brave face so that she can keep her end of the bargain, she is such a strong likeable character and even though she is clever, smart and beautiful she still is little naive and people around her take advantage of that. Beck even though he is in the dark for most of the story about the hurt that Stella is going through, he still steps up to the mark and swoops in just when she needs someone to rescue and protect her. What else can I say other than I totally fell in love with Beck, he is so emotionally separated from wanting to have a real relationship with anyone but his character's personality is so warm, caring and funny that he was for me the perfect book boyfriend, i'd even say that he is swoonworthy!!
Stella and Beck have great chemistry, the sexual tension between was intense. They were the perfect couple and their story was such a pleasure to read. The writing was just so good that I felt myself being consumed by the story. Louise Bay has written another amazing romance that is definitely one of my favorite stories to have read this year and it's now in my top 5 best reads of 2019.
This is a cracker of a romance and you don't want to miss getting to meet Mr. Mayfair!

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