Tuesday, 1 October 2019

War of HeartsWar of Hearts by S. Young
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the first paranormal romance novel that I have read in a very long time that totally absorbed me and held me hostage to it's narrative. It's plot, setting and it's characters were outstandingly strong, well developed and so mindblowingly breathtaking that I was left bewildered by the writing talents of this author. The book itself is something out of the usual, it's a little out of the box even for a paranormal romance. This is not just your usual supernatural hero meets his heroine kind of romance, oh no, it's a thriller, it's a little dark, and it even has the qualities of a Who Done It murder mystery story.
The story is set around Conall MacLennan alpha Chief of Clan MacLennan and Thea Quinn, it takes them on a wild trek around Europe, where upon meeting all kinds of supernaturals on their journey they uncover things they both never really knew existed while at the same time they discover and explore their attraction to each other.
I totally fell in love with Conall and Thea, they are both such strong and believable characters with a personality that was so easy to connect with. Their relationship is one full of heat and fiery passion that quickly becomes a physical one once they learn to trust in each other, and once that happens boy does that passion start to set the world on fire. Their story touches upon some very deep emotions that held me in it's grasp, and it made my heart really hurt for both Conall and Thea.
I am in awe of the way that this author knows how to bring out all the angst and drama in her stories. She is a master at telling a tale that will take you along for the ride with her characters and make you live out in your mind all the thrills, excitement and even the intense pleasure and pain that she puts them all through.
I can't even begin to tell you enough how much I loved Conall and Thea's story. The writing in this book was absolutely superb, it was well put together and cleverly thought out. I was utterly spellbound from start to finish!

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