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Title: Just A Kiss
Author: Carrie Elks
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: Nov 1, 2019
Cover Designed by: Najla Qamber

Beautiful, perfect and everything he needs. Caitie Russell's big brother is getting married. As the proud owner of Holiday Magic, Caitie is the obvious choice to organise the perfect Christmas wedding. Piece of cake, right? If it weren't for one gorgeous man-shaped problem... Her brother's best friend, Brecken Miller.   He was her first crush. Her first kiss. Her first broken heart…   Construction worker Brecken Miller is a modern-day Scrooge. The confirmed bachelor would rather pull his nails out than celebrate Christmas, until he sees Caitie again. Like a moth to a flame he’s drawn to her. But there’s a problem with fire. It always leaves a scar.
**Sweet Little Lies is the fourth book in the Angel Sands series, set in a small beach town on the California coast. If you like a heartwarming holiday romance that’s low on angst and big on feels, this is the story for you!**


When the door closed behind her for a second time, Caitie bit down a smile and slowly turned to look at Breck. He was leaning on the wall, arms folded across his chest, the skin at the corner of his eyes crinkling up as he smiled at her. “Hello,” he said, his smile widening. “Hi.” She felt breathless as the air around them snapped and crackled. The hairs on her neck stood up. Breck slowly pushed off the wall and walked over to the sofa where she was standing, his strides long and confident. Caitie didn’t move. She wasn’t even sure if she could. Her muscles were tense with anticipation, her skin tingling with need. There was a half-smile on his lips as he reached out for her chin, using the pads of his fingers to tip her face up. “Cait…” His voice caressed her ears. She loved the way her name sounded on his lips. “Did you know you’re the only one who calls me that?” she asked breathlessly. “Do you mind?” She shook her head slowly, his fingers still holding her. “No. I like it.” Too much. He took another step forward, his eyes firmly on hers. “I like it, too,” he said. “The same way I like you.” Her chest tightened. Standing so close to him felt overwhelming. She could smell the woody scent of his cologne, feel his firm touch as his fingers caressed her jaw. Everywhere she looked, all she saw was him. “Where were we last week?” he asked her. The corner of her lip quirked up. “Remind me?” He chuckled and lowered his head until his lips were a breath away from hers. She could see the thickness of his eyelashes, the strong line of his nose, the warmth of his skin where it was kissed by the California sun. “I think it was a little like this,” he murmured, brushing his lips against hers.  

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Carrie Elks writes contemporary romance with a sizzling edge. Her first book, Fix You, has been translated into eight languages and made a surprise appearance on Big Brother in Brazil. Luckily for her, it wasn’t voted out. Carrie lives with her husband, two lovely children and a larger-than-life black pug called Plato. When she isn’t writing or reading, she can be found baking, drinking an occasional (!) glass of wine, or chatting on social media.







Just A Kiss (Angel Sands #4)Just A Kiss by Carrie Elks
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Just A Kiss was such a was such a amazing read, it's the kind of Christmasy romance story that gives you all the warm and fuzzies inside.
It all started with a teenage crush for Caitie Russell, with the object of her affection being her big brothers best friend Brecken Miller, to a meeting years later when she is asked to help plan her brother Lucas's Christmas wedding. This story is the fourth book set in the seaside town of Angel Sands, California, and it may have a little more sunshine than most Christmas stories but it never distracts you from the charm and warmth of the Christmas theme that flows full on throughout the story.
I really got drawn in by the plot of this book because it not only features a love rival, it focuses on a past Christmas that one remembers so fondly that it seals their love of all things Christmas, while another finds it brings only sadness and hurt. It's an emotional rollercoaster ride for both Breck and Caitie and it really pulls at your heartstrings.
I love the stories by this author as her writing is always so good and you know that your in for a great read everytime you pick up one of her stories and this book didn't disappoint in anyway. If you love a Christmas story with a twist, and without any snow then you will fall in love with this story as much as I did.

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