Tuesday, 30 October 2018

First Earl I See Tonight

(Debutante Diaries #1)


As a first timer reading a book by this author, I was really very impressed with how much I enjoyed her writing style, the storytelling was very easy to follow, get engrossed in and was an absolute pleasure to read. Fiona is a very strong and forward thinking heroine, she is a very likeable character with a positive personality that only made me like her more. Gray is your usual type of hero, he's a little broken with a dark past that has left him to be wary of everyone except his loving grandmother. Fiona and Gray are both an eclectic mix of willfulness and stubbornness and yet they are both open to seeing past what is on the surface. In short they are a perfect fit for each other once their true nature is revealed.
I really enjoyed the plot of this story as it took a few twists and turns that made it such an interesting read. It was very exciting knowing the danger that was there lurking in the background just waiting to happen while everyone but Fiona went about their lives as though all was well. I never guessed who was behind it all so it was a very well thought out plot that was not easy to guess.
Great story, great romance, and characters that you will love.

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