Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Midnight's Flight, A Vampire Werewolf Hybrid Paranormal Romance (The Cynn Cruors Bloodline Series, Book 8) is Live! #FREE on #KindleUnlimited
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It was all Adara did.
It was all she ever knew.
Adara Kerslake has kept her identity a secret from the Cynn Cruors for as long as she can remember. When Cynn Cruor warrior, Luke Griffiths, comes hurtling into her life, she flounders. Afraid of dealing with the Cynn Cruors and the man who captured her heart, she leaves, burning bridges in the process. Until a loved one forces her to rebuild those links that brings her back into the world she fought so hard to escape from.
And to the warrior whose passion haunts her every sleeping and waking moment.
Luke goes into a spiral after Adara leaves and it is only by the strength and love of his Cynn Cruor brethren and their women that keeps him from tripping into insanity. To forget her, he prepares to leave for the Ancients’ Faesten in Anglesey on a mission that can lead to his death and the banishment of the Manchester Cynn Cruors if he isn’t careful. When Adara returns, the last thing Luke wants is to get involved again. But he can’t stay away. What’s more, someone in the Ancients’ Faesten in Anglesey knows who she is and is out to get her.
Two missions merge to one. A desire to know the truth becomes entangled with the desire that never waned between Adara and Luke.
Until a spectre from Adara’s past threatens them both…and brings in a new enemy for the Cynn Cruors.
*Although characters from other books in the series have cameo roles, this novel can be read as a standalone.


Wow!!! This book was an epic tale of heartbreak, secrets and betrayal.
Adara Kerslake and Luke Griffiths of the Cynn Cruor's become entangled only for Adara to leave him after an unforgettable night together. Luke cannot understand why or get over the fact that she left him after they shared such a strong and powerful connection. After months of pining for her he gets sent on a dangerous mission to Anglesea where he once again meets Adara and they can't stop the powerful attraction to each other from turning into a deep and consuming passion.
Midnight's Flight is probably my favorite book of this series so far as it took me on such a pulse racing adventure. Firstly there is a lot of action and fighting that will keep you entertained and also lots of banter amongst the characters of the Cynn Cruor's that had me laughing so much as they were ribbing at each other, and we mustn't forget the drama and the romance that happens between Adara and Luke. They face a lot of obstacles to get to their HEA but it was such a thrilling ride to see them finally get there. Luke gets totally put through the ringer to defend and protect her and he is such a great character that he does it with so much grace and honor. This book is a rollercoaster of emotions and it made me really feel for them both.
This is such a great story and is another wonderful addition to this series, I can't wait for the next! 

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